SupaScoota Sport XL

The SupaScoota Sport XL has all the features of the SupaScoota Sport, but has a longer wheelbase for more leg room, a larger weight capacity (up to 21 stone) and twin 180W motors giving you that extra power. The extra leg room, weight capacity and power makes this the ultimate scooter for the adventurer. Finally a truly portable scooter with extra  leg room Long distance travel in complete comfort or confined indoor use, the choice is yours. Dual motor drive system makes light work of off-pavement use and hills so you can go anywhere with total security. Super light frame design with seat suspension, the Supascoota Sport Xl is designed to handle challenging conditions.

“Engineered for Powerful performance and total reliability with electronic stability control, big pneumatic tyres for extra grip and comfort”

The SupaScoota has many important features that are not normally found on a lightweight scooter, including both forward and reverse drive; automatic electromagnetic and an optional, low-cost added stability package helps to make the SupaScoota an incredibly safe mobility scooter that is ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength.

When the user releases the throttle lever the SupaScoota will automatically decelerate and stop safely through the use of dynamic electromagnetic breaking system. Even when at maximum speed the stopping distance is only 1.5m on level surfaces (removing any danger of the mobility scooter freewheeling out-of-control!) The SupaScoota will stop quickly and safely every time

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SupaScoota Sport XL

  • Brand: SupaScoota
  • Product Code: Sport XL
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  • £2,100.00

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