SupaScoot Shopper

The Supascoota Shopper is one of the lightest travel scooters around,  even when fully assembled. The Shopper is a comfortable, lightweight travel scooter that's perfect for everyday shopping, family gatherings, trips to the park and more.Supascoota Shopper Supascoota's Shopper disassembles in seconds quickly and easily to fit into the boot of most cars.

Ideal for everyday use, the Shopper features a padded, stadium-style seat with armrests and lots of legroom. Even taller people will enjoy plenty of legroom on the Shopper thanks to its extra 47" frame. Featuring a 14 stone weight capacity and 8 mile driving range, the Shopper is a comfortable way to get around town.

Supascoota Shopper


Supascoota's patented Electronic Stability Control enables the Shopper to automatically slows down when you approach a corner too fast, and the anti-tip feature prevents you from ever having to worry about tipping over if you try to turn too quickly.

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SupaScoot Shopper

  • Brand: SupaScoota
  • Product Code: SHOPPER
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  • £1,295.00

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