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Self Propel
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Deluxe Self propel wheelchair with handbrakes

This is our best selling self propel wheelchair as it weighs just 14.5KG , as well as being lightwei..


Roma Avant Self Propel Steel Crash Tested Wheelchair

The Avant Self Propelled Wheelchair by Roma Medical is a stylish and function self propelled wheelch..


Roma crash Tested Self Propelled Wheelchair with detatchable arm rests

Roma's budget Self Propelled Wheelchair, it had been designed to be durable and hard wearing. It fea..


Roma Crash tested Standard Self Propel Wheelchair

Roma's standard Steel Self Propel Wheelchair offers an 18" self propelled wheelchair with detachable..


Roma Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair

The Roma Lightweight Self Propel Wheelchair is an 18" lightweight aluminium self propel wheelchair w..


Voyager All terrain self propel wheelchair

The Voyager all terrain outdoor self propel wheelchair is perfect for those who want to go out into ..