Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. General

a. These conditions shall apply to all orders and contracts for the supply and equipment in the UK by the company, or its authorised distributor to customers. Any variation or qualifications to these conditions must be put in writing and confirmed by the company to the customer

b. All orders for goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the customer to purchase goods in accordance with these conditions.

c. The company does not allow its representatives or distributors to alter these terms and conditions. The customer should ask for any alterations to be put in writing (see clause a).

d. The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage caused by the customers misuse if the goods. Nothing in the terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights. If you have any doubts as to your rights, please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

2. Terms of payment

In case of case sales, the customer shall make payment of the total price (less any deposit already paid) to the company upon delivery of the equipment. The customer shall be liable for any costs incurred in the recovery of monies owing to the company in relation to the order

3. Alteration to design

The company will use its best endeavour to supply the customer with the exact goods ordered. Where it is not possible, the company will notify the customer as soon as possible of any alteration to the design, specifications or packaging of the equipment described in the sales literature. Where the alteration is fundamental to the goods ordered, the customer may terminate the contract and any deposit paid will be returned.

4. Return of goods

a. The customer shall not be entitled to return goods for any reason other than under warranty conditions or in accordance with the customer's statutory rights, please refer to explanation of rights in clause 1d.

b. it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct operating procedures are followed. If the company is called out by the customer during the arranged guarantee period because of fault in the goods, whether mechanical, electrical or otherwise, there will be no call out charge. The company reserves the right to make a call out charge if the damage to the product has been caused by misuse or neglect

5. Title

a. The goods shall remain property of the company until the price has been discharged by the customer in full. A cheque given by the customer shall not be treated as a discharge until the same has been cleared

b. The customer shall pay a deposit of at least 25% for straight stairlifts and at least 50% for curved stairlifts of the order value on signing the contract.

  1. Terms of delivery

The company shall use its best endeavours to fulfil the orders promptly, but it cannot be held responsible for any delay for matters outside its control. In the event that such delay be unreasonable, the customer shall be entitled to cancel the contract and receive a full refund. For the purpose of this contract an unreasonable delay shall be in excess of 5 weeks for a straight stairlift or mobility scooter 10 weeks for a curve stairlift, chair or bed from the date of this contract or from approval of any financial application whichever is later.